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Download Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 : The Dragon and the Wolf (2017) 720p WEB-DL Ganool,Watch Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 : The Dragon and the Wolf (2017) English-Indonesia Subtitle Online ,

Grey Worm stands in front of thousands of Unsullied before the walls of Kings Landing. Bronn and Jaime watch from the walls as they prepare burning oil. A horn sounds, the Dothraki riders gallop forward to the foot of the walls.

A ship approaches Blackwater Bay, Tyrion Jon and Davos look at Euron’s impressive fleet. The Hound checks the box holding the Wight in the hold.

Cersei gives orders to The Mountain to kill everyone if everything goes sideways. A neutral spot has been chosen outside Kings Landing. Everyone walks to the site, an abandoned dragon gladiator arena. Tyrion greets Pod. Brienne and Sandor chat as friends. Bronn and Tyrion also chat, Tyrion offers twice his pay, Bronn laughs it off. Bronn takes Pod off for a drink.

Cersei arrives with the Mountain, Euron, Qyburn and Jaime and a retinue of soldiers. Sandor greets and threatens his brother. Cersei asks about Daenerys,who makes a dramatic entrance by dragon. They all sit.

Euron immediately threatens Tyrion and is told to sit. Jon broaches the subject of the Night King’s Army but Cersei is suspicious. The Hound releases the Wight, it charges at Cersei, it is cut in-half then an arm is cut off which remains animated Jon demonstrates the two ways to kill them, fire and dragonglass. Euron announces he is leaving, the worst thing he has ever seen. Cersei agrees to the Truce, but only if Jon stays in the North. Jon announces he has already pledged to Queen Daenerys. Cersei says no deal, then leaves. Brienne tries to get Jaime to change Cersei’s mind.

Tyrion, Dany and Davos are upset with the timing of Jon’s announcement, he declares he cannot lie. Tyrion says he must go talk to Cersei alone. Tyrion goes to the Red Keep and has a forlorn talk with Jaime first, then goes to Cersei’s quarters, followed by the Mountain.

The bitterness between the two erupts, Tyrion dares her to say the word and have him killed, she cannot; he pours himself a drink, and gives her a glass. As they talk, Tyrion realizes Cersei is pregnant.

Jon and Dany talk back at the arena.They realize things look bad for them if Cersei doesn’t agree. Then, Tyrion returns followed by Cersei. Cersei announces she will now join them and march her army North, without any promises in return.

In Winterfell Sansa is dismayed at not hearing from Jon. Baelish suggests Jon and Daenerys will likely form a relationship of sorts. They talk about Arya, Littlefinger plants a “worst case” seed that Arya is there to kill Sansa.

At the War Council Jon stresses the need to be seen together with Daeneyrs, against Jorah’s advice she should fly alone. Theon meets Jon in private, puzzled why Jon didn’t lie. Theon is despondent and Jon forgives him and stresses he was still raised by Ned Stark, they both were. On the beach Theon tries to get the remnants of Yara’s sailors to go and rescue her. He fights the big Lieutenant, badly beaten he finds strength and manages to win. The other men accept him as the leader, “for Yara”.

Sansa has Arya brought to her, in a room full of soldiers. Sansa then accuses Littlefinger of murder and treason. Stunned, he attempts to talk himself out of trouble. Sansa points out Baelish killed Lady Arryn and conspired to kill Ned Stark. Desperate, Baelish begs for his life, on his knees, Arya slashes his throat with the Valerian dagger.

Cersei interrupts Jaime organizing his Generals, she reveals the truce was a ruse, she has no intent to support Dany and Jon. Jaime is furious. Cersei suspects something happened to one dragon and refers to a mercenary company of 25,000 sellswords in Essos. Euron Greyjoy is on his way to pick them up. Jaime announces he will go north, and dares her to stop him. Snow begins to fall in Kings Landing.

Bran sits by a fire, Sam knocks and enters. Bran asks why he came. They start to talk of Jon’s parents Rhaegar and Liana Stark, with Sam’s knowledge of the annulment, together they realize Jon is the legitimate heir to the Targaryeon throne.

On the ship Jon and Dany make love, Tyrion watches the room deep in thought.

Arya and Sansa reflect and grow closer.

Brann is in a trance warging in a raven. At EastWatch Tormund looks out at the Wilds. The wights and WhiteWalkers march out of the forest toward the wall. Out of the sky the Night King rides a dragon, spewing blue flame the wall begins to crumble. Breached, the army of the dead marches into the land of the humans.

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